Extrastatecraft –  Extrastatecraft is a project sponsored the Design Department of Jan van Eyck Academie and initiated by Keller Easterling. ESC researches global infrastructure as a medium of polity. Some of the most radical changes to the globalising world are being written, not in the language of law and diplomacy, but rather in the language of infrastructure. Even building enclosures, typically considered to be geometrical formal objects, have become infrastructural—mobile, monetized technologies moving around the world as repeatable phenomena. Infrastructure is then not the urban substructure, but the urban structure itself—the very parameters of global urbanism.

HydroBorders – The HydroBorders project exists along the borders between Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. It is defined by the 7000km-long Andean mountains and its riverine network. This region is labeled as the Andean Hub within IIRSA’s portfolio. The project looks at the overlap between nature, infrastructure, and existing political borders.